The Only New Year Resolution that Matters

tiggerGood-bye 2012.  Letting the old year die comes fairly easy for me this year.  The winter storms that began to swirl and pound and shatter in January 2012 carried with them fear, pain and loss.  Supporting my partner through a fight with breast cancer.  Transitioning away from a comfortable job.  The sudden loss of dear Sheila, my partner’s mother.    For several long months, the sky seemed so dark and gloomy that even my inner Tigger found it nearly impossible to cheerfully bounce.  I hoped for a break in the ferocious winds.  I prayed for clearing skies.  I believed, deep in my heart, that the sun would return and warm me from the inside out.

Miraculously, as the calendar clicked past May, summer arrived and stayed—Seattle nearly broke a record for consecutive number of days without measurable rain (48 days), and the sunny streak continued well into October.  The renewal of summer cast the darkness of winter away, as flowers, grasses, shrubs and life blossomed.  I spent my time in nourishing sunshine and long afternoons reflecting and healing, tending to our backyard garden, re-staining the deck and visiting with family and friends.  I took a two month sabbatical from my career and embraced the people in my life with all my might. I opened up and allowed my circle of friends, acquaintances and family to nourish me with their love and laughter and loyalty.  My Tigger reserves replenished, by September, I was cheerfully bouncing again.

back deck 2

The journey of 2012 reminded me of three of life’s ultimate truths:

1) We are not always in control of what happens

2) Make every moment of every day count

3) Nothing is more important than our relationships

Feeling stronger, I resolved to re-open some doors I’d left closed too long.  In November I re-connected with two of my life-long friends who I had sadly neglected for many years.  Laughter and hugs, smiles and tears as we reminisced made the time and distance melt away.  Both friends have grown into wise and magnificent women.  Both have been shaped by life’s storms and lessons and survived with strength and gratitude.  Both have opened their own doors of opportunity and embraced their life purpose.  I am blessed to call them friends.

Welcome 2013!  As I think about how to begin a New Year and continue to search for new doors of possibility and opportunity—to carve out a new path, I’m reminded of the only New Year Resolution that really matters…

Nourish and care for our relationships with each other

So that’s the sum total of what my focus will be for 2013.  To speak with kindness and love.  To seek out those life lines I’ve neglected. To open my heart to strangers and new friends.  To forgive cross words and old wounds.  To say “thank you” more.  To make time with people more important than time with gadgets and worries that don’t really matter.  To be present with my family.  With my partner.  With the universe.

Welcome New Year!2013

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2 Responses to The Only New Year Resolution that Matters

  1. Carl Lee says:

    Ma’am, I am always here if you need. I can help you if Tigger ever gets lost again.

  2. Sue Southerton says:

    I so enjoy reading your blog! You write so beautifully I don’t think anyone could have said it any better! Thank you so much. Happy New Year to you, Sheryl. May it bring you everything you hope for! (^o^)

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